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Richard Bodreau
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Richard Bodreau Fresh, crisp, pleasant, creative lyrics, wonderful vocal mix. Vocalists mesh perfectly and I love the brass. Favorite track: Amber & the Moonstone.
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Artichoke is an album consisting of songs written by Charlie Barker, mostly throughout 2012-13, with a few from further back. A number of Charlie's friends collaborated in the process of bringing the songs to life and recording them.


released January 15, 2016

Charlie Barker - vocals, guitars, bass (1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 11), microkorg, B3, lapsteel (on 6)
Heidi Aispuro - trombone, trumpet, vocals
Eric Bodreau - drums (1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 11), vocals (1-7, 9, 11, 12)
Dylan McGown - drums (3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 12)
Brandon Elhaj - bass (3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 12)
Nick Robarchek - guitars (on 1, 2, 5, 6, 11)
Justin Frunk - vocals (11)
Evan Boller - guitar solo (8)
Mel Tarter - group vocals (3, 4, 9, 12)
Jack Wells - group vocals (3, 4, 9, 12)
Greg Allen - viola (11)




Neon Culpa Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Long Ago Hereafter
Capsule is taking me to places I can’t believe
My mind is breaking but somehow I still feel I see
My liberality bears endless prosperity
Congeniality when some are so hard to please
Nobody sees my sacrifice…

Would you commandeer this handiwork of dust?
Far away from near
Don’t wanna lay to rust

You say that man is
The measure of all things
If something comes from nothing
What’s a god to bring?
And if you can please
Hear my dry logic sing
Everybody’s so alike
Need somebody who’s alive

Through all my travels there’s still much I’ve not known and seen
That long ago hereafter fairy tale died with your dreams
Because time and space they will endure long after you’re gone
If I’m right I surely wish that I was so wrong
Nobody sees my sacrifice…
Track Name: Interview with the Vampire
The kids are marching in a row
Such a pretty sight
The truth it might not soon be shown
They’ve twisted wrong and right
The news on the TV
Weaves the web that’s history
There’s a bigger cause?
Hardly hear a grand applause

(No but it’s fine)
We’ll do a lot in little time
(Cross all the lines)
Everything is good and fine
(No but it’s fine)
Do a lot in little time
(Cross all the lines)
Everything is fine

Welcome back to this interview
I know more than before
These kids don’t really even know
Just what they’re fighting for
It’s a society
Built around conformity
Nation deaf and dumb
Picking them off one by one
Track Name: Age of Distraction
Spinning round in a wheel
Of this new machine
Have we forgotten how to feel?
This life’s not what it seems
As all our gadgets take control
It’s easy to forget one’s role
So easy to forget the soul
Confined in trivia

What would you say that we’re after
Through all of this?
What do we expect to find?
Become remiss

Soon this darkness has to end
The sun will reappear
And we can shine again
Times are recognized by trends
Oh so jaded

A new excuse to take our minds
Off the luxuries
That are the basis of our time
We’d rather just not see
But these distractions they will pass
Remember when things used to last
The truth is right behind the glass
The reflection veils it
Track Name: Door to Door
Have you words to live by?
Someone to tell you its okay?
A place to go when you die
Understanding that you don’t have a say

Me I once was so blind
Till the good book exposed a path
What’s hard is easy to find
We must avoid the wrath…


Nothing that’s worth having
Should appear so easily
So many problems
So few delicate solutions
Look around and try to love
Don’t need dogma, faith and such
Lend a hand out to your brother just because

I know you want the answers
And me I’d say I want the same
But I prefer the questions
That have intelligible aim

So take your book and shove it
Where Jesus’ sun don’t ever shine
And I’ll remain above it
I think I’ll do just fine
Track Name: It Is What It Is
You want an answer not found in the lime
You wonder, will we stay?
The people danced there
Somewhere back in time
Before we felt the same

Better days I feel are close at hand
With the past down buried in the sand
In a place that feels not far from home
In a place to finally call our own

It is what it is
It was what it should have been
It will be what it’ll be
You’re only stuck inside if you wanna be
The world is yours to see

I saw your window cracked all summer long
You afraid to lose your place?
Everyone around here has got a song
But you’ve gotta show your face
Track Name: Glider in the Storm
I took a walk on Market Square
Wandering from here to there
I suppose I shouldn’t worry ‘bout before
We ain’t children anymore
I should look to days that aren’t behind
What do I expect to find?

Something we can’t attain but
Somewhere in our twisted brains
It doesn’t really seem all too insane

Cast the glider in the storm
Tell me where it’s gonna soar
I adore all I haven’t seen before
It’s okay
It’ll all be back someday
I’ll get repaid

Stroll down Sunday Avenue
Trying to see what all is new
I’m damned tired of looking ‘round for other times
When everything right here is fine
I should look to days that aren’t behind
What do I expect to find?
Track Name: Paragon
Time to conciliate
Your shrouded mind today
Come and proliferate
A better kind of way
Any instigation of an incident
Like that of last year
Making us an instrument
The situation’s becoming quite clear

This is the paragon
All of our sense is gone
For such a prosy song
It’s been too long

Meditate on this fellow
Interstate lines are yellow
Chase him down
And return the cello
Chase him around and round and round

Time to de-appetize
This curse you’ve rectified
I know inside your mind
You understand your crimes
Any disillusion of this misconstrue-sion
Silence it all
Go away with your illusion
Or stay and everybody else falls
Track Name: Backward Clock
Slowly killing time at a breakneck pace
Broken neck all for saving some face
It’s all a waste
Falling out of line, what plans we traced
All that we give, all the more that we take now
What a build-up to break down
Oh and it’s silently closing in
Yeah trident has chosen us today

Tell me how you know and why
Something in your eyes
It shows that you’re keen
Something in your voice
Says you know what you mean
Forgotten qualities

Wilt away our days through inventive means
Any incentive is gone in the stream
Yeah we all are fast asleep
Talk it leads us nowhere, fate grows lean
Everything good seems to slip through the seams now
Have we forgotten the dream now?
Oh and it’s silently closing in
See trident has chosen us today
Track Name: The Winning Loser
Here I am now
I ain’t what I thought I’d be
One more empty road
Conveyer beneath my feet
I expected I’d feel fine stealing time
Can’t lose if I erase the finish line
Is that not right?

Seems I’m just out of luck
But feel like a million bucks
While sinking into decay
You loser, I’ve won, I’ll take

Here I stand now
But crooked not up tall and straight
As somebody that
I thought that I would always hate
It ain’t easy trying to please all the day
On my knees and begging fate for a change
Is that okay?
Track Name: Where All Things Meet
On the grass outside
See the clouds collide
Into focus then astray
Forget about lost years
Put aside your fears
You may find that your
Discordance seems to slip away

This is the place where all things meet
Bitterness sometimes may turn sweet
Do you still care
If we all are made aware
If we all can mend the tear?

Nothing comes for free
Time itself is a fee
It’s hardly ever on our side
There’s a greater reason
To admire the seasons
It’ll end in just
A blink of mother nature’s eye
Track Name: Amber & the Moonstone
You know you’re breaking every little thing
The trees no longer sing
Where’s your guidance come from now?
You keep on taking from that which gave you life
It feeds the hand that bites
Where’s your gratitude?
All you exude is entitlement

For the amber & the moonstone
What’s to come is bound to soon show
For the amber & the moonstone
What’s to come will stay

How many more of them crude wells will you drill?
Or creatures will you kill?
Before your estate’s of proper size
As long as there’s people down in them factories
Your fiscal mind’s at ease
If they don’t have a voice then they don’t have a choice
It’s how it’s been and how it’s gonna stay…

Go, take command, seize the land!
It's commonplace
A show—a plot concealed
But the truth’s revealed
Within the spaces now
I’ll bet it’s been a moment or two
Since you’ve reflected on your ways
Two right feet pardon all that you do
Out in the open air you stay…

Ohh, for the amber and the moonstone
Ohh, What’s to come is bound to soon show
Ohh, expand the realm of what we call home
I’ll take everything if the cost is anything!

Flow...can you see the blind to be?
It’s not your problem
So, morality is hard to free
The times we live in now
Ambition takes away empathy
Impulse leaves reason far behind
Indifference to what everybody can see
How can we make this clock unwind?
Track Name: Tabula Rasa
Just when you’d found a brighter scene
Figured out what it means to be
Opened ears to hear, eyes to see
You had to run into me

Referred to in such high regards
So meticulous, played your part
Who’d’ve thought that you had no heart
I’m here to stop your new start

Mother of the brother I saved from the author
Tell me where it all went wrong
Gotta sing another praise to some higher form
Gotta sing your songs of redemption
No exemption, no how

Dreaming beggars under your feet
Once bootleggers who ran the streets?
Tables turn every time we meet
But what’s that matter to me

Claiming sages did pave your way
Through the ages you rode that wave
Now you don’t have so much to say
It had to turn out this way

You say you want to start anew
I wonder if your god let you
Would you have something left to prove?
I’ll stand in lieu
I’ll see this through