Amber & the Moonstone

from by Neon Culpa

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You know you’re breaking every little thing
The trees no longer sing
Where’s your guidance come from now?
You keep on taking from that which gave you life
It feeds the hand that bites
Where’s your gratitude?
All you exude is entitlement

For the amber & the moonstone
What’s to come is bound to soon show
For the amber & the moonstone
What’s to come will stay

How many more of them crude wells will you drill?
Or creatures will you kill?
Before your estate’s of proper size
As long as there’s people down in them factories
Your fiscal mind’s at ease
If they don’t have a voice then they don’t have a choice
It’s how it’s been and how it’s gonna stay…

Go, take command, seize the land!
It's commonplace
A show—a plot concealed
But the truth’s revealed
Within the spaces now
I’ll bet it’s been a moment or two
Since you’ve reflected on your ways
Two right feet pardon all that you do
Out in the open air you stay…

Ohh, for the amber and the moonstone
Ohh, What’s to come is bound to soon show
Ohh, expand the realm of what we call home
I’ll take everything if the cost is anything!

Flow...can you see the blind to be?
It’s not your problem
So, morality is hard to free
The times we live in now
Ambition takes away empathy
Impulse leaves reason far behind
Indifference to what everybody can see
How can we make this clock unwind?


from "Artichoke", released January 15, 2016




Neon Culpa Portland, Oregon

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